Various Extra Activities

Diverse activities that visitors can engage in at Kampung Kerapu

Waterpark Adventure

Packages start from $1150 per person

For water adventure enthusiasts, Kampung Kerapu offers a variety of exciting and thrilling attractions. From touring boats that take visitors closer to fish cages in the middle of the sea, Banana Boat that tests bravery, Donut Boat, to Flying Fish that provides the sensation of flying above the water. In addition, visitors can enjoy speed by renting a Speed Boat.

  • Banana Boat

  • Donat Boat

  • Flying Fish


Packages start from $2170 per person

For fishing enthusiasts, Kampung Kerapu offers a unique fishing experience in the floating cages owned by local residents. Visitors can enjoy their time to the fullest while experiencing the joy of catching fish directly from the waters of Kampung Kerapu.

  • Memancing di keramba apung

  • Memancing di laut lepas

Obstacle Waterpark

Packages start from $1280 per person

Enjoy exciting water attractions at Kampung Kerapu, suitable for both children and adults. Weekend tickets for adults are Rp. 40,000, for children Rp. 30,000. On weekdays, it is more affordable, with adult tickets at Rp. 25,000 and children’s tickets at Rp. 20,000.

  • Dewasa

  • Anak

Floating Jetty

Packages start from $1560 per person

For those who love challenges, Kampung Kerapu has a floating jetty that visitors can access. Be careful with every step, as visitors can feel the sensation of walking on water.

  • Tantangan

  • Berjalan di atas air


Packages start from $1420 per person

After exploring the beauty of nature, relax at the Kampung Kerapu Restaurant. Serving dishes made from fresh fish, grilled grouper fish is the flagship menu. The delicious cuisine becomes even more enjoyable amidst the enchanting sunset.

  • Restoran

  • Kopi Paste Café

  • Warung Bu Lutfi