Kampung Kerapu


Kampung Kerapu was inaugurated on December 18, 2018, by the Situbondo Regency Government. Before being used as a tourist spot, this area was the center for grouper cultivation in Situbondo. Various grouper, snapper, and lobster types are cultivated in the middle of the sea at about 500 meters from the shoreline. The fish are placed in a medium called Floating Net Cages. These cages belong to the local community. The results of cultivating grouper in this place are successful and are exported abroad.

For this reason, the Situbondo Regency Government has made Grouper an icon of the Situbondo Regency. They are starting to think about developing the location of the cultivation center into a tourist spot to develop the surrounding community’s economy further. Finally, a circular floating pier was created with several places to enjoy various processed grouper fish and facilities to view the cages more closely.

The length of this floating pier is ± 300 meters. The pier’s shape is circular, making it easier for tourists to enter and leave. At the end of the pier, there is a mini floating harbor. From there, visitors can drive a local fishing boat or speed boat to see directly the grouper cultivation location.

  • Banana Boat

  • Donat Boat

  • Flying Fish

Strategic Location
Kampung Kerapu has a very strategic location and is easy to reach.
Complete Facilities
Enjoy the comfort of your visit with complete facilities at Kampung Kerapu.
Affordable Ticket Prices
Enjoy a memorable tourist experience without breaking the bank.

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There are various activities that visitors can do in Kampung Kerapu, from adventure to culinary delights.

Kampung Kerapu

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