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Kampung Kerapu Situbondo

Presenting a unique experience combining natural beauty, fish farming education, and culinary tourism

Strategic Location
Kampung Kerapu has a very strategic location and is easy to reach.
Complete Facilities
Enjoy the comfort of your visit with complete facilities at Kampung Kerapu.
Affordable Ticket Prices
Enjoy a memorable tourist experience without breaking the bank.

Kampung Kerapu has it all

Kampung Kerapu is known for cultivating grouper fish and offers stunning sea views. With a 300-meter-long wooden pier that juts out into the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, mangrove conservation forests, learn about biological conservation and marine resources, and even culinary delights.

Fun Activities with Friends & Family

In Kampung Kerapu, various exciting activities are available, such as enjoying sea views and water rides at Waterpark Adventure. You can enjoy a variety of rides, from tourist boats to Banana Boats, while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Fish Culinary & Cool Photo Spots

Try culinary tourism in Kampung Kerapu. Kampung Kerapu Resto serves fresh processed fish and incredibly delicious grilled grouper. Don’t miss Kopi Paste Cafe, where you can enjoy coffee drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

Visit in the afternoon to enjoy the charming sunset views. The photo spots scattered on the floating pier will also add unforgettable memories while you are in Kampung Kerapu.

Best Services

Public Facilities

Complete facilities that Kampung Kerapu provides for you.

Explore Various Exciting Activities in Kampung Kerapu

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Waterpark Adventure

Water adventure rides, from tourist boats to Flying Fish. Visitors can enjoy the excitement of a banana boat and the speed of a speed boat in the middle of the sea at Kampung Kerapu.

Floating Jetty

The floating jetty is for visitors who like challenges. The sensation of walking on water provides a unique and exciting experience, but you must be careful.


The unique fishing experience in local floating cages or directly from the sea in Kampung Kerapu provides excitement and unforgettable memories.

Looking for Shells (Rang-karang)

Activities include looking for shellfish at low tide or ordering via Resto Kampung Kerapu. Various types of shellfish are available, such as virgin, green, bamboo, oyster, batik and tofu.

Obstacle Waterpark

There is also an obstacle in the water park ride. Water rides with exciting obstacles suitable for children and adults. Ticket prices for activities here are also very affordable.


Relax at Kampung Kerapu Resto while enjoying fresh processed fish. The culinary delights are even more pronounced in the afternoon while enjoying the twilight view.

Nearest Accommodation

Several accommodation options around Kampung Kerapu for overnight stays

San Sui Hotel

It is 960 meters from Kampung Kerapu. Pasir Putih Road, Gundil, Klatakan, Kendit, Situbondo Regency, East Java 68352.

Kampong Nelayan Resort

It is 1.6 km from Kampung Kerapu. Surabaya-Situbondo Road No.Km 189, Kapong, Klatakan, Kendit, Situbondo Regency, East Java 68352.

Labuan Resort Pasir Putih Situbondo

It is 6.9 km from Kampung Kerapu. Karang Anyar, RT.007/RW.004, Kembang, West Sambi, Situbondo Regency, East Java 68358.

Omah Kayu Villa Situbondo

It is 7.1 km from Kampung Kerapu. Pasir Putih Road, Watu Kenong Village, Bungatan, Situbondo Regency, East Java 68358.

The Right Place for Families

Enliven your family vacation in Kampung Kerapu

What are they saying?

Reviews of tourists who visited Kampung Kerapu

Wilda Nadya

This is a good tourist spot that can also be used as a holiday while learning for children. There is also a cafe here, lots of good and interesting photo spots, and various holiday facilities.

A visitor, Indonesia


We came at the right time, namely late afternoon. The atmosphere is pleasant, with good views, places to eat and pray, and adequate parking. The entrance ticket is also cheap. We can rent a boat to fish overnight in the middle of the sea or go around for a few hours.

A visitor, Indonesia

Maesa Nila Sari

Strategic location. It is on the Situbondo-Bali highway. The views offered are stunning. Calm waves, open sea, boats, ships, and mangroves are to the north, and forests and hills are to the south of the highway.

A visitor, Indonesia